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API is a truly family business: if you are part of the business, you are family. The engagement between our business and its people doesn't stop after punching out at the end of the day. I am very thankful to Ed and the McIlhons for the opportunity to be part of API and honored to serve on the Board of Directors to bring an external perspective.

Georg's Story

Georg complements Casey's strong commerical and Matt's strong financial background with the operational excellence and technology perspective. Georg was born and raised in Switzerland and started his career there as a software developer. He built applications to solve logistics challenges for clients and employers in the energy, finance, health, retail, and manufacturing - especially fastener - industries. He worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company and as Chief Information Officer for the Bossard Group. Now, he puts these experiences to work as an independent consultant or interim executive for multi-generational family businesses to bring their people, processes, and technology into harmony.


Georg's focus is always on understanding the essence of the problem at hand and to find a simple, elegant solution. Georg graduated from Iowa State University with a MS in Information Systems & Information Assurance. He went on to the University of Minnesota for a PhD in Information & Decision Sciences. Outside of consulting, he thinks, speaks, and writes about beautiful, life-serving systems and organizations. He lives with his wife in Switzerland and enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, and solving tricky programming challenges. He has learned to appreciate baseball and supports the Minnesota Twins and, of course, the API Nuts!


Do you have a factory to visit, an operation to improve, or an idea you want to have constructively challenged? Please let me know!


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