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Company & Purpose

Adding value and solving your problems is our goal; building relationships is our motivation.

Our Founder, Ed McIlhon, left us with an acronym to steer the direction of our company - GOLF. If we lead with GENEROSITY, OPTIMISM, LOVE/LOYALTY and FUN, success will follow for our team, customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. We invite you to GOLF with us.

API SOY with Sam Allen! 041619.JPG


API is proud to be recognized as John Deere's Supplier of the Year, more than 9 years at Partner Status and being a John Deere Hall of Fame member. In addition, our Founder, Ed McIlhon, joined his father, Dan, in the Fastener Hall of Fame. 

We value being valued. 


API believes it is important to understand the impact we have on the planet and cultivate the larger sense of responsibility we as a company have in order to take care of it. Learn more about our efforts here.

Wind Turbines


API values ALL stakeholders and appreciates the opportunities we have to invest in our community. From assembling meals for local food banks to participating in Leadership Iowa to help guide our state's initiatives, we truly rise by helping others. Learn more about our efforts here. 

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