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Partnership: Industry Leaders

Building a relationship with a trusted partner takes time.  Over several decades, Assembled Products has worked to establish confidence in and with our principled relationships; employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and the community we live and work in.  The confidence is in API's commitment to doing what is right, even when it’s hard. 


Leveraging these relationships and trust can provide both opportunity and solutions to all different types of challenges. In 2018, an industry leader that we had worked with for many years approached us with a specific problem.  They needed to support a customer in our geographic area where they had no footprint, and it needed to happen now.  In the pursuit of solving problems and meeting the needs of our relationships (and their customers) a new and out of the box business partnership was born. Within a month’s time, we were using API resources of warehouse space, labor and know-how to make VMI deliveries directly to a brand new customer.  Something we had never done before.  This was a win for all involved, one not possible without the foundation of trust.   

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