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Our Packaging solutions are ideal for high volume bagging, boxing or carton work.  API uses both state of the art bagging machines and hand pack stations to produce high quality end products from small jobs to millions of units per year.  Our sourcing expertise allows us to secure component parts in an effort to supply customers with a complete kit, eliminating freight costs and streamlining your receiving and quality processes.  As with all of our services, we can build a package and process built on our customers’ unique specifications and needs. Following are a few of our capabilities and advantages:

  • Final unitized package customized with label, barcode data, and description based on customer requests

  • Microfilm polybags with thermal printing capabilities

  • Weigh checking and full sorting on all orders

  • Convenient Chicago location  near several major fastener suppliers allows us to drop-ship parts to help eliminate freight costs and expedite hot orders

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