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Labor: API Nuts

“It’s not about empowering your people, it’s about creating an environment of empowerment.”


Famous words spoken often by our founder, Ed McIlhon. He knew that empowered employees would be our greatest stakeholders, and therefore, our customers as well. A key component to API’s capabilities is providing our skilled labor to seamlessly become a part our customer’s assembly lines. And we feel that if those employees are working well for us, they are working well for you. 


Sometimes empowerment isn’t measured on the warehouse floor, but on the ball field….and we are not metaphorically speaking. In the summer of 2023, our team came together and created a different sort of team, the API Nuts, and joined a local softball league.  Pushing many out of their comfort zone,  it took a bit to find their field legs, but once they did, there was no stopping them. It’s fun to see what happens when your warehouse manager becomes the coach, your newest employee is a ringer, the CEO is a benchwarmer, and the owner is the loudest cheerleader. Our on-the-field lessons are now in warehouse staples  - everyone has a voice, no one works alone and the team plays better when everyone shows up. Partner with us to create your field of empowerment. 

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