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I am so proud to be the owner of API. This company is filled with all the things Ed and I valued - generosity, optimism, love/loyalty and FUN! Ed called it GOLF, I call it his legacy. Partner with us and you will see how it's not just an acronym, but a way of life here at API.   

Joey's Story

While Joey may have stumbled into the fastener industry by marriage, she has definitely played an active role in it. Whether it be helping Ed get files organized at Iowa Industrial Products or talking through the strategies of purchasing what is now Assembled Products, Inc., Joey's input has helped steer the direction of this company. She and Ed were true partners in every sense of the word. 

Prior to her work in the fasterner industry, Joey received her beauty license from Pitze's School of Beauty and worked as a hair dresser when she met Ed. They married in 1970 and she hung up her cape and scissors to raise their four children. An enterprenerial spirit herself, Joey created a drapery business with her mom and would sew projects while her youngest, Riley, would sleep in his babyseat on the fabric table. Always a bit ahead of her time, Joey moved on to her next project of redoing an old home for the family to reside. She was truly the first fixer-upper before it was mainstream. As Ed's involvement with the National Fasteners Distributors Association grew, so too did Joey's. She was an active member of the organization and helped grow the spouse/partner program, ensuring all attendees had a full agenda for the meetings. 

Joey remains active with the API employees, espeically when it comes to community involvement. She resides in Clive, IA and spends much of her time in Florida, Clear Lake and Canada where she enjoys her and Ed's shared love of the water. She also spends as much time as possible with her 14 grandchildren. 


I love to hear from friends from the industry, both old and new, especially with a funny Ed story. 


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